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The deal is connecting the "start piece" and the "finish piece". The game will organize the other pieces on board and you have to re-organize, using drags and rotates, to create a new logical connection between all of them!

This is a free version. You have to pay nothing. However, ladies and gentleman, if you are on a 'mobile' will appear a little advertisement banner on subtitle. Don't worry about that. The fun of the game do not will be disturbed.

Are 15 levels in this version that will give you a medium challenging.

There are many surprises in this free edition. Some is the same of full edition. It was made for the gamer get a good experience on the game. Has 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Japanese), all music and his navigation, all sound effects, the 4 kinds of pieces, good movements and the "fast tutorial".

Also a exclusivity: The "extra time bonus" to extends the chance to finish the levels.

All of this and a little more will be presented to make a blow in your perception. You will see the puzzle and board game with other eyes.

Beware your "big head"!

Prepare your attention and your fast fingers.

I'm the "DZPuzzle - Free Edition".

I'm challenging you!

No problem if you lose, because I know you will, the "continues" are infinite.

But your willpower and patience is?

ABOUT THE FULL VERSION [available at googleplay]:

Has more than 120 playable levels.

The level are organized in graduations. Each graduation series has a different color and will increasing the mental abilities and reasoning of the player. He has to work with blocked pieces, annoying insects, up to 5 "breaking and unlock bonus", many "start-finish pieces" and other.

To help the navigation game, you can watch the game status (used to know how great you are against other player), use the levels map and get interaction with all insects.

Also available on

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